Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is of extreme importance to Audit Partnership. We are constantly innovating and expanding our strategy and approach in order to become more socially responsible. At present, we operate the following initiatives:


We are continually reviewing how we can reduce our carbon footprint:

  • We use a biomass boiler that runs on recycled pellets to improve our waste/energy efficiency
  • We are always looking at ways to reduce our use of paper. This is especially visible through the recent introduction of our employee portal and our constant efforts to complete documentation in an e-format. We envisage that documents and procedures will move forward in this way as we innovate and utilize more electronic resources
  • We have a car sharing scheme in place for employees, that aims to minimize our impact on the environment
  • When sourcing new products and services, we assess new providers to ensure they fulfil a satisfactory level of consideration to the environment.


We make it our goal to raise as much money for charity as possible through a range of ways:

  • Each year, we have a nominated charity of the year. Throughout that year, we hold and take part in various fundraising events to raise money. This includes annually taking part in The Yorkshire Warrior as well as on-site events
  • Each year we support Macmillan by holding a Macmillan Coffee Morning and hold an employee Bake Off competition where staff are encouraged to bring in sweet treats for resale.


We encourage our employees to take care of their own personal health and wellbeing in a fun and engaging way:

  • We provide free fresh fruit daily to all employees
  • We have an on-site fitness class once a week with a registered personal trainer that caters to all abilities
  • Employees are encouraged to take part in sporting events including The Yorkshire Warrior as well as the Audit Partnership Olympics
  • Health insurance is also available to all permanent employees.


Educational development is high on our agenda in relation to both placements and permanent employees:

  • We are currently in the early stages of implementing a School Leavers Program. This will get more young people into the business and give opportunities to students who might not want to pursue University as an option and would instead prefer to enter work, post-education. The program will give young people vital transferrable skills and aim to ease them into professional work, whilst providing them with the support, training and guidance they need to ensure that they get the best start to their career
  • We also have strong working relationships with a number of universities and career advisors in the USA and UK.