Our values

Our values are built on a solid foundation of strong relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on ensuring we identify errors and recover monies, whilst providing process improvements and transactional assurance to every organization we work with. We have three organizational values that are the cornerstones of delivering this success:

  • Our PEOPLE Focus - Our people are the most critical aspect of any audit we perform. In-depth data analysis can generate significant claims, but more often than not it is experience, talent and human intuition, which enable us to uncover the claims systems can miss. Because of this, we dedicate larger audit teams to our clients than other providers. Utilizing retained staff on the audits, nothing is outsourced, off-shored or sent to freelancers, providing our clients with the highest level of data security and allowing us to fully align ourselves with our clients' culture. We strive to provide our people with an environment where they can flourish. We train with input from our client partners to ensure we understand their processes and controls. This is paramount and enables us to deliver a uniquely tailored range of services.
  • Our PARTNERSHIP Approach - We operate a genuine partnership approach, working together with our clients, to their requirements and time-frames. From the offset, we prefer to spend time onsite with our clients, to understand their culture and needs, prior to undertaking any project. We are not dictatorial and we do not over-complicate things. Instead we look to work fully in partnership with our clients, listening to their needs and providing a fully tailored service that maximizes return. This includes offering full audit transparency and the management information needed to improve ongoing cost efficiency. We keep our clients at the heart of all decisions we make.
  • Our PROGRESSIVE Mindset - We firmly believe in continuous improvement and innovation. Every part of our business is constantly reviewed to see how we can improve and what else we can provide to ensure our clients are receiving the best level of service. We continue to develop our bespoke and industry-leading IT, our people, our processes and approach based on client feedback and needs. We are not content with standing still and constantly seek opportunities to challenge the status quo in order to offer our clients the most up to date service provision.