Why Audit Partnership?

There are a range of core factors that contribute to our market-leading success, allowing us to deliver the highest level of quality to our clients. These are:

  • Our FLEXIBILITY - we work in partnership with our clients, not for them, in order to find tailored solutions that best service them. Our management is hands-on and not influenced by remote global shareholders. This means we can respond and amend our approach quickly and without fuss.
  • Our AUDIT COVERAGE - we audit holistically, using our unique methodology to ensure we audit everything available, with no cherry-picking. This means we maximize profit recovery and returns for our clients.
  • Our CULTURE - we are fresh, energetic and offer something different. We believe in immersing ourselves with our clients in order to share common goals and work together towards minimizing future leakage.
  • Our MINDSET - We are constantly improving the level of service we offer, as a result of listening to feedback from our clients. New products and areas to audit are brought to market regularly to ensure our clients are receiving the most up to date provision.
  • Our IN-HOUSE APPROACH - No element of our service is outsourced or off-shored, and no data leaves our Audit Centre. Our in-house team of auditors, recovery specialists and IT personnel work closely with our clients to provide the best level of service available.
  • Our PEOPLE - our people are the most critical aspect of any service we offer. We strive to provide our people with an environment where they can flourish. We offer comprehensive training to our methodologies and constantly review performance to deliver continuous improvement and the highest service standards for our clients.
  • Our TECHNOLOGY - our bespoke, in-house solutions have been developed by experienced programmers, auditors and recovery specialists over many years. Our solutions are tailored to the particular dynamics of each client to allow maximum coverage and recoveries.
  • Our SECURITY - data security is of utmost importance to us. We are an ISO27001 accredited company and all sensitive data is held in a secure environment