How traditional recovery audits are moving into real time, to prevent payment errors and manage commercial agreements to ensure accurate and timely billing.

Learn about some of the ways APL have been leading the field in this progressive new approach to the traditional, post payment recovery audit.

Delivering impactful social value is now a requirement of public sector contracts in the UK. Find out how this has been at the been at the heart of APL's mission over the years, and into the future. 

The COVID19 pandemic has hit economies hard around the globe, however arguably the greatest challenge of all is faced by public sector organisations, trying to deliver essential services to their communities with limited budget and resource. 

A recent article from the BBC included their analysis which suggested nine out of ten councils across England were likely to overspend versus budget this year, and referred to a “worrying laissez-faire” attitude within the Treasury about the potential budgetary crisis... So what options are available which present a low risk opportunity to improve the outlook for the year ahead?


As the world emerges from lockdown following the unprecedented challenges of H1 2020, we look at the emerging trend in profit recovery, and how Audit Partnership are helping organisations fit for the future.

We are delighted to have been appointed to a number of Lots on the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (EOECPH) framework for Analysis and Recovery Services, offering a variety of services covering Accounts Payable, general and category specific Contract Compliance reviews.

The appointment to the framework gives us a further opportunity to enhance public sector organisations through the recoveries and learnings our comprehensive audits deliver. We are greatly looking forward to working with the EOECPH team to deliver success for  the Hub and the public sector customers who share the benefits.

Bidding a fond farewell to our 2018/19 placement intake, and welcoming our new cohort for the year ahead.

Celebrating another fantastic year with our teams at Audit Partnership Day

Audit Partnership are an approved supplier to the framework, which has been extended for a further 2 years.