Contract Compliance Review

Contract Compliance Review

Our Contract Compliance Review analyses areas of supplier non-compliance within contractual terms as well as identifying errors and recovering any owed revenue. The review also provides you with greater clarity on contract management and reduces future contract risks and liabilities. This review covers both direct and indirect spend and includes, but is not limited to, reviewing contracts pertaining to IT projects, temporary staff, logistics, property, marketing and media, facilities management and professional services.

Recovery Areas

A review identifies contractual non-compliance and recovers monies in such areas as:

  • Pricing overcharges
  • Charge miscalculations
  • Volume and timing rebates/discounts
  • Duplicate payments and charges
  • Unpaid and underpaid allowances
  • Incorrect resource charging and categorization
  • Expense over claims
  • Services rendered to agreements.


Significant benefits include:

  • Additional monies to your bottom line
  • Identification and correction of process and control weaknesses
  • Opportunities to improve the management of incomplete or poorly documented contracts
  • Transparency of existing supplier contracts and improvement of future contracts
  • Prevention of errors to secure future savings and increase financial performance
  • Reduction of future contract risks and liability.

Process and Data Requirements 

We will analyze as many buying records and contracts as available. The more data and documentation we have access to, the better placed we will be to perform a thorough review with maximum recoveries. The review process can be tailored to suit your requirements, but the standard process is:

  1. Access your contracts database and expenses data to identify primary suppliers and categories
  2. Collection of selected and agreed contracts to review terms and conditions
  3. Download and review of header and line level data for agreed suppliers
  4. Analysis of line items, invoices, payment records, purchase orders and other supporting documentation to confirm contract terms and provisions have been applied to billing
  5. Identification, validation and collation of areas of contractual non-compliance for review
  6. Report presented identifying areas of non-compliance, value of revenue owed and recommendations for future cost reduction and contract improvement
  7. Contact, negotiation and settlement of claims with suppliers in collaboration with you.
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