Data Integrity Review

Data Integrity Review

The remit of Accounts Payable functions globally is becoming wider and more complex. Our Data Integrity Review can offer expert support in maintaining overall Accounts Payable health, and immediately reduce your exposure to both internal and external fraudulent activity. This review covers your full Accounts Payable spend in conjunction with your supplier master file. It provides priceless intelligence and recommendations on spend analysis, fraud analysis and data cleansing, allowing you to improve processes to become leaner, smarter and less exposed to fraud.

Process & Outputs

We have a wealth of experience in reviewing Accounts Payable data & supplier master files. Utilizing industry leading IT, we can run large and complex algorithms. These include internationally-acknowledged fraud checks over your company information to provide our auditors with the detailed data they need to perform the review. This specialist team then analyze the findings and provide the narrative to give our clients the clearest and most useful results and recommendations. We can provide reports and recommendations on the following:

  • Spend Analysis
    • Clear and concise reports outlining key spend areas by volume, value and frequency
    • Fully tailorable to provide you with the most pertinent information
  • Supplier File Maintenance and Data Cleansing
    • Identification and removal of duplicate and inactive suppliers
    • Identification of erroneous entries that may result in inaccurate provisions
  • Fraud Analysis
    • Highlighting unusual or potentially fraudulent activities and transactions.


Significant benefits include:

  • Reduced exposure to internal and external fraud
  • Reduced likelihood of duplicate and incorrect payments
  • Easy identification of savings opportunities
  • Proactive management of supply risk
  • Support of supplier compliance
  • Enhancement of Accounts Payable control
  • Increased efficiency, saving time and money.
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