Goods for Resale Audit

Goods for Resale Audit

Every year, retailers mistakenly lose significant amounts of profit through supplier overcharges, under claims for promotional activity and underpaid annual rebates. Audit Partnership provide profit recovery services to identify and recover these errors to both some of the largest global retailers and to local retail chains across all retail sectors. Our unique methodology provides market leading audit coverage and we guarantee we will recover more for our clients than our competitors. Our review provides complete transactional assurance using a balance of bespoke, leading edge data mining tools alongside industry leading professionals specifically trained to our exemplary standards. This ensures a complete, holistic audit is performed across the whole supply base, with no cherry picking. We always work in complete partnership with our clients and so by developing a greater understanding of your organization and trading patterns, we can provide you with a tailor-made service that will not only bring return to your bottom line, but also improve day to day trading efficiency and help enhance your supplier relationships.

Recovery Areas

We provide a team shaped to your organization’s needs which will enable you to operate at maximum efficiency. Our dedicated, expert team of auditors will investigate, identify errors and recover monies across the following areas:

  • Promotional funding
  • Annual rebates
  • Pricing discrepancies
  • Media/advertising spend
  • Annual Terms/Over rider/Rebates/Contracts
  • Cash early-settlement discounts


Significant benefits include:

  • Additional monies to your bottom line
  • Minimization of future leakage of profit
  • Removal of the burden from Accounts Payable and Commercial teams, allowing them to focus on current issues
  • Reduction of the number of supplier queries
  • Identification of improvement areas for processes and training needs for employees
  • No budgetary requirements - contingency fee based with no up-front fees

Process and Data Requirements

Initially, to perform your review, recommended data sets include emails, electronic point of sale, invoice pricing and debits, accounts payable/accounts receivable and merchandising plans. We tailor the process to suit your requirements, working in a genuine partnership approach. Our process is designed to maximize claim success rate and minimize the impact and disruption to your organization. Although we can amend every aspect of our recovery audit, our standard process is:

  • Collection and processing your transactional data and buying records into an auditable format
  • Review of data and identification of potential claims
  • Manual validation of potential overpayments and identification of root cause
  • Contact approved suppliers to request refunds
  • Recovery of funds to your bank account
  • Provision of detailed claim and work in progress reports
  • Delivery of practical management recommendations and optional training to minimize future leakage and "get it right first time".
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