Supplier Claim Analysis

Supplier Claim Analysis

Supplier Claim Analysis

Over recent periods, organizations are increasingly being presented with pricing and billing claims from their supplier base, both directly and via third parties. These claims are often difficult to refute in a timely manner, due to personnel changes, data availability and other business demands, but are also commonly invalid.

At Audit Partnership, we fully understand the ever-changing, fast paced nature of the current business climate. As such we have created our unique Supplier Claim Analysis service. We will investigate these claims for you and ensure you are minimizing the risk of erroneously paying for invalid claims, whilst also improving supplier relationships, by ensuring timely repayment of any money owed to suppliers. We provide a unique audit of your client data to ensure all supplier claims have undergone a thorough investigation within an agreed timeframe. From this, we provide a report that recommends an appropriate course of action - to repay, to refute or to negotiate.

Data Requirements

The data required for our analysis will depend on your individual reporting requirements. However, we normally recommend the following data sets:

  • Email Records
  • Cost Price Data
  • Promotional Data
  • Sales Data
  • Accounts Receivable Data
  • Accounts Payable Data.


Significant benefits include:

  • Eradicating the risk of repaying any invalid claims to suppliers
  • Removing the distraction from your buying team, allowing them to concentrate on current commercial negotiations
  • Improved supplier relations as they have assurance that their claims are being investigated in a timely manner
  • Quickly establishing any valid liability exposure
  • Freeing up Accounts Payable time
  • Improved compliance to GSCOP (where applicable).

Methodology and Process

Strict SLA's are put in place for us to respond to suppliers' queries - typically 10 days from submission. The service offering can be fully tailored to your exact requirements and can include clearing historical backlogs of claims that have built up over time or rolling reviews of claims, as and when they are submitted. Your claims are viewed against your data by our experienced auditors, who utilize our powerful, bespoke audit systems to seek evidence to validate or refute the claims in question. Our auditors investigate all aspects of the supplier claim including but not limited to:

  • Relevant pre- and post-event correspondence
  • Assurance that amounts have not been offset elsewhere
  • Audit of relevant data and full reconciliation of all issues
  • Backup of documentation - made available electronically so it can be forwarded as evidence.
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